February 23, 2014


It's 32 degrees outside. Which is technically freezing. But since I live in Michigan where it's been in the double digit negatives -- yes, negative temperatures -- off an on for the past few weeks, 32 degrees actually feels refreshingly warm! And is a subtle reminder that beach weather is on its way. 

Being (seriously) nostalgic about the summer time...and wanting to come up with an interesting way to hold open the window curtains...I started looking into (ok, obsessing) over sailor knots. I love the earthy nautical charm they add instantly to anything -- a room or outfit. 

I still can't really figure some of them out....but my spatially intelligent boy friend was able to do this ocean plait knot (tutorial here) that we found on Animated Knots. I'm going to have him make another for the other dining room curtain. This is how it looks:

And here a few other pieces using sailor knots that I found and love -- so get inspired! Summer is coming...so away I go trying to figure out how to do more of these knots!!
Photo courtesy of sakurapink.etsy.com

Photo courtesy of www.designsponge.com

Photo courtesy of nasukka.etsy.com