November 1, 2011

Fall Favorites

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One thing I love about fall is fall colors. There's reds, browns, greens and mustards everywhere, and those are all my favorites. I get cold easily, so sometimes I find myself wishing for Summer weather again, but I don't mind bundling up. I also happen to love sweaters more than what may be considered normal.  Here are some of my favorite items that are perfect for the fall. Some are simply fall-colored, others are simply warm, and others are both. I may have rounded with some of the pricing. I did my best. This is probably not the most original list, as it may or may not overlap with everyone else's Fall faves, but at least it is an honest one!

Fall Nail Colors
-From left-
Boca Moca by Sally Hanson Complete Salon Manicure, $6.99
Moonstruck by Confetti, $1.99
Trenchcoat by American Apparel Nail Laquer, $6
*Colors are slightly off in photograph

I promise, they all look great on. I have medium/dark/tan skin, 
but I've seen these colors look nice on fair-skinned people, too. It's your call.

Chunky Sweater
Ragstock (vintage), $12

Ragstock has a ton of these sweaters. It was hard choosing. I bought
one for my mom, too and she loved it. You don't have to
worry much about sizing, they just kind of fit everyone.

Mustard colored scarf 
150 Baht (Thai currency, rounds up to $5)

I actually got this in Thailand over the summer at Kata Beach. 
I miss that place and all the lovely people who shared the experience with me.
I probably wear this scarf every day.

Mini antique handbag
$15, Target

I think this is a perfect size. Small enough for just the essentials
with a little tiny bit of extra space for things you just like to haul around.

Fuzzy fleece north face
$99, Bivouac 

I shopped around for a long time looking for fleeces. I settled on North Face 
because it was far cheaper than other trendier brands and just as warm.
Also, I figured this type of fleece can be used as a liner as well as outerwear.

Riding Boots 
Rocket Dog boots - $65, DSW
Fleece liners - $30, Hunters

These were actually a gift from my two besties. I wear them all the time,
 except I switch over to rain boots if it's really wet outside. These aren't waterproof.
I bought the liners with my Hunters, but they insulate just as well in these.

Thigh high socks
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$18, American Apparel

Mine are in Oatmeal, a pretty beige color. These look cute 
scrunched and worn as knee high socks, too. Scrunch them even 
more, and they are good boot liners. (I know it isn't good 
to cut up the body like this picture does, but it was hard to find 
an American Apparel knee high sock picture without blatant nudity.)

Velvety leggings
Photo credit:
These are from somewhere else, but mine were:
$24, Garage

You can never have enough leggings. 
They make almost any summery item wearable
in cold weather. I think they are okay as pants, too.
The velet makes them extra cozy.

High waist belt
On Clearance
$19, Anthropology

This belt adds earthiness to anything. It also gives extra baggy
 tops and dresses a more fitted look - but nothing too diva.
I especially love it because I got it in the clearance section, marked down
from like $60-something to $19. 


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