June 2, 2014

New York City + East Coast Nostalgia for the Home

I'm originally from the East Coast...born in NYC and then raised to (kind of) adulthood in New Jersey. I like Michigan...but I miss the East coast sometimes...and all of the people and places on that side of the country. Luckily, I visit fairly often. Going back this weekend!

Looking online for home inspiration, I keep stumbling into finds that make me miss (my first) home more and more. Here are a few favorites I'd love to scatter throughout my house:

New York City by Haptic Lab

I love how subtle this NYC map quilt is by Haptic Lab. I'd love to have something like this to drape over a couch...or even as a bed spread. Funny enough...this company also has a quilt of the Great Lakes of Michigan...

I Love You From Here to NYC

When I find time to finally finish the office...I definitely want to have a lot off wall art. Something nostalgic of the city will be included! I like this black and white print from HopSkipJumpPaper on Etsy. 

Cityscape  Wire Installation

Found this solution for "hiding" messy wires on Apartment Therapy. I like how it's decorative-meets-practical -- keeping ugly wires off of the floor and making wall art at the same time! I think the NYC sky line is perfect for this...Now I need to find a wire long enough. 

DIY Landmark Wall

I may try this DIY project I found on eye-swoon on one of my walls...using buildings/landmarks from NYC + places I've traveled. Salvation Army (and even the dollar store) always have decent frames - you can always paint/stain mix and matched frames to be more cohesive. You can use your own images to make these more personal or just print outs or magazines. I'll probably be using my own :)

My boss introduced me to Cartoloji -- a super modern/chic line of map art. Both on prints and pillows. I like the prints, but I especially like the pillows. It would be fun to throw one of these in the living room. A little pricey, but nothing's too pricey for a wish list :)

I always keep an eye out for home decor ideas...sometimes I get lazy for ideas and in those instances...Pinterest is my dear friend. 

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