June 17, 2014

Wishing I Could Paint Like This: Lulu DK Inspiring Abstracts

My Pool,  Framed Print - Lulu DK

I always tell myself I have to get back into painting and then rarely do I. And when I do -- I feel like I've lost any drop of talent I may have had because I never do it anymore.

I recently became aquanited with designer Lulu DK's work -- she really does everything a designer can do, but I'm especially drawn to her paintings/prints. I love her use of color -- I actually tried to replicate this one (above) over the weekend and totally failed. Her work is so effortless, colorful, and free -- the minute you "try" to be Lulu DK it automatically loses the carefree and effortless qualities that make her work great. 

And if you think abstract art is "easy" ...then I dare you to try to replicate these. Hate to hate...but I bet you can't! 

These are a handful of my favorite prints of hers -- all available for sale on her online boutique that is actually fairly new. She launched the store within the last year. 
Lyford Cay Club, Framed Print

Juniper, Framed Print
Sailor, Framed Print

The Queen's China, Framed Print

Borghese Poolside, Italy Framed Print
Borghese Pool, Italy Framed Print

If any of this strike your fancy...I suggest looking through her whole collection on her online boutique here. Paintings are only one of many neat things available in here store. 

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