February 12, 2015

Tiny Desk: "Normal People Die" by Evan Marius & "Lovely Cameo" by Peter Felsman

My coworker/bff, Evan, entered NPRs Tiny Desk Contest -- and his song "Normal People Die" = and video are AWESOME. So awesome...it was Metro Times featured worthy.  Him and his girlfriend, Shira (my other bff) are two of the most creative people I know...and decided to make an already unique and creative song even more unique and creative by putting their new Polaroid Cube to the test. 

Evan is not my only creative friend who has entered the Tiny Desk Contest...my friend Peter (along with a friend and vocalist Betsy Soukup) also entered. His song, 'Lovely Cameo' is also very worth listening to!

Since I have bff/VIP status...I was able to be there during the experimental phase of Evan's video. Accompanying the two along the drive to the nearest market to pick up several bottles of food dye and red and purple Faygo (Michigan 'pop' or soda for those of you on the East Coast - unfamiliar with Faygo and 'pop'). 

Why fizzing colorful drinks? To submerge their Polaroid Cube and film in. I guess, kind of like a homemade filter. Using pop, food dye, and water. It worked beautifully. And especially beautifully accompanied by Evan's vocals, guitar skills, and Shira's expert underwater cinematography. 

They announce the winner TODAY. So we are anxiously awaiting to see who it will be...

In the mean time...since you are reading this blog, and you are likely my friend, you are thereby indirect friends with Evan and Shira so get access to behind the scenes footage of the filming process - which involved quite literally submerging a tiny camera the size of my pinkie finger into cups of water, soda, and dye:

As you can see, the process also involved Oreos and alcoholic beverages. It was pretty neat! I highly recommend viewing Evan's video (above) and checking out the rest of the video entries on the Tiny Desk Tumblr here

For more music from Evan, visit his Facebook page here.

For more music from Peter, visit his You Tube Channel here.

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