February 21, 2015

My Weekend in Instagrams: Trip to Chicago

4 days in Chicago is seemingly the amount of time it takes to suddenly fall behind on all else on the weekly agenda. Even with that being said -- was still worth the trip out :)  It felt like a short weekend. It flew. But it was enough time away from my everyday routine to return and realize it may be time to switch up my routine. As much as I love the area I'm in now...I also miss city life. Tall buildings, fast cars, swarms of new faces, new streets and corners, and in all of that, finding calm in the chaos. 

You know you're cousins when she makes you coconut pancakes for breakfast. <3
Next Door coffee.
Milk, honey, Darjeeling, and a new day...
Product placement. It's in your hood.
Tall buildings, tiny windows. Tall trees, tiny branches.
Downtown with my cousin Kristen.
Bistrot Zinc. Ici on mange bien.
Unicorns on the wall.
Three naked ladies.
If this is what the French eat...why are they so skinny?
A town home near the water.
Red light.
No crossing.
On the menu: octopus, scallops, whole olives, mushroom pizza, cheese, prosciutto platter.
Wildflower Chai with milk and honey. The end of the meal. The beginning of the night.
Cold skies.
Let it Flo. Brunch #1 with Chris-Tia Donaldson from TGIN. She's the greatest.
Brunch #2 with the fam.
My cousin Jamie and I. Before the onset of bottomless mimosas.
My first cronut.
Hanging light fixture - on my 'to make' list.

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