October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Samson's costume
I would have posted a picture of my pumpkin carving...but the squirrels got to it before I took a picture. That's okay though, because Samson makes a good substitute and real pumpkins make good delicacies for squirrels. Sam is also an experienced model and he shares a mutual love with cameras. I know some people are not too fond of using animals as models because of inhumane treatment - who knows what happens beyond the camera lenses of the ads we see in magazines with lions and tigers and bears and other exotic animals.  I assure you, in this case, Sam has been treated well. As you probably can tell, he is also fed well. Maybe too well. I had to buy a medium-dog sized costume. The tag said something like, "fit for cocker spaniels..." So you can imagine how huge my cat is. It fits him snug.


Also, if you are into Halloween, but aren't as into the blood, guts, and  gore, you may want to check out this list of Fright-less Halloween films that I compiled for SHEI Magazine!


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