November 30, 2012

Dark and Lovely Jet Black Hair Dye

When I first cut off my hair I told myself I wouldn't get it dyed until it grew at least 10 inches. That didn't happen at all. I dyed my hair before the Summer sometime in April to a brown a few shades lighter than my natural color. By the time Fall rolled around, my darker roots had grown in and I wanted to dye it for the upcoming Winter. I debated between L'Oreal (which I usually use) and Dark and Lovely and decided to go with Dark and Lovely because the formula is made with dry hair in  mind. 

Price: $7.99 at CVS

Color: The color was true to the picture on the box but starts fading after a few weeks (I shampoo once a week). At first I didn't perceive it as jet black. I saw it as more of a natural black, but in pictures it does look very dark black. My hair is fairly thick so I might have been better off using two boxes just to make sure all my strands were equally saturated. If you have long hair, I would definitely recommend two boxes. 

Hydration: This did not leave my hair feeling too good. I didn't expect my hair to feel great because hair dye is hair dye, but I didn't expect it to feel as dry afterwards because Dark and Lovely is supposed to be made for dry hair. Compared to the dye I normally use (L'Oreal), whatever hydrating properties were in this dye did not feel as nourishing. Next time, I'll probably stick with L'Oreal. 

Damage: Even though this product didn't leave my hair feeling very soft, I haven't noticed any damage after its use at all. Overall, my hair is just as healthy as it was before I dyed it and does not break or shed any more than it ever has. 

Time: Total application time was around half an hour. It took about 10 minutes to apply and then around 20 minutes to let sit. 


Before                              After


  1. Hi, i wanted to know when you use the "L'oreal" hair dye, is it more moisturizing then the "dark & lovely", plus do you prefer the "dark & lovely" better (ex: does it work better than the Loreal when it comes to the hair color results, moisture, damage, etc..)

    PS- by the way, i love your hair, girly :)

  2. Thank you! So, in retrospect, I actually think the Dark and Lovely may have been less damaging because it was semi-permanent. I re-dyed my hair Black in early March with L'Oreal thinking that I didn't like Dark and Lovely and I think it may have dried my hair out a bit in the long run. With the Dark and Lovely, I didn't notice any difference at all in texture, dryness, or softness after a week or two. That could also be because the Dark and Lovely box I used was semi-permanent while the L'Oreal I used a few weeks ago was permanent. I didn't think going darker was damaging...but I guess it can be. If you're going to go darker, my advice would be to use a semi-permanent or temporary dye because if it fades you can always just dye it again without fear of damage. But if you use permanent dye and it damages your hair..then that's irreversible. Good luck!


Any insight?