September 5, 2014

Biotin Verses Vitamin B-Complex for Hair Growth

My little sister and I decided to try out taking vitamin B supplements for healthier hair growth. We were browsing through one of my favorite natural/organic grocery stores with a very dense aisle of natural hair products and another very dense aisle of supplements, when we stumbled upon biotin and figured why not? 

Only a few weeks ago, I actually picked up a bottle of Stress B-Complex. Because I'v heard that B-Complex (a mix of multiple B vitamins) is good for hair growth -- and the bottle I picked up claimed to also boost energy, productivity, and immunity. So it sounded like a win-win. 

To my dismay, the Stress B-Complex I picked up was a bit of a let down. Not so much because of the results -- or lack thereof -- but more so because I just can't get past the horrible smell and taste! When I take the vitamin B complex I literally start to feel sick. 

But the Biotin pills that my sister found were so tiny and unassuming. Also, maybe because they were in a natural/organic food store, they seemed less intimidating. So we're trying them out! The brand we chose was Country life. We picked up one bottle of 1000 mcg (100 tablets per bottle) and one bottle of 5000 mcg. We split the bottles so we each have half and half. The plan is to alternate daily from higher to lower dosage--don't want to get carried away. 

Country Life Biotin Tablets:

My first impression:
  • Both the 1000 mcg (round) and 5000 mcg (capsule) are very small.
  • Smells like nothing.
  • Doesn't taste bad.
  • Doesn't make me feel sick.
These are all good things. Compared to my previous experience taking Stress B-Complex:

Nature Made Stress B-Complex:
My first impression:
  • Makes me feel sick.
  • Smells HORRIFIC.
  • Pills are HUGE.
  • Tastes as horrific as it smells.
These are not so good...but after doing a tiny bit of reading, I've heard that it's most beneficial to take biotin and stress B-complex not in place of each other, but at the same time, as biotin can sometimes cause acne and B-complex can help counter the acne. 

So now I've decided I may take one pill every day, alternating between Biotin and Stress B-Complex and see what the results are. I suggest taking B-Complex on a full stomach to avoid getting sick because it smells and taste like fermented chalk. 

The difference between Biotin and Vitamin B Complex is a bit confusing...because Biotin is actually vitamin B7 and is present in most B-Complex pills, which are obviously then not as potent (with B7/biotin) as are Biotin pills, and is one of the more important and widely used B vitamins in hair products and hair care. 

My hair is severely damaged and breaking off...(I'm still mourning) while I don't at all expect this biotin and B-Complex medly to reverse the damage and heal my broken hair...I figure at this point, it can't hurt! Even though I vastly prefer the Biotin pills over the looks like I'm stuck taking both unless I want to deal with excess acne and...'aint nobody got time for that. Sigh.

My goal is 2" hair growth -- and length retention -- by 2015. Think I can do it? We will see...

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