September 27, 2014

Making Some Floral Headway

Everything always takes longer than you think it will. But it's ok -- especially if it's something you enjoy doing. 

I FINALLY finished the scrunchies and headbands...and now have moved forward with the flowers. I'm thinking I'll leave the backs blank for now, so you can decide whether you want a pin or barrette. 
The biggest sign that I am almost done with this that my fabric is seriously dwindling! I buy material as I need it--not in bulk--so most accessories I make are pretty much one of a kind. I have mixed feelings about this. Of course, being one of a kind lends itself to a special uniqueness in each piece...but if I were the buyer, I'd take comfort in knowing there will always be more of something. Less pressure that way. 

But if there is ever a particular color or accessory that someone loves, I'm happy to do custom orders as well. When your hand making things, to make the exact same piece over and over again would be seriously monotonous. So I avoid that for the sake of my own sanity!
Also...I've decided I may not reopen my etsy, but instead just open my own online store. Then I would have more space and more freedom. But this decision of course is going to create more delay. But I'm thinking it will be worth it. :)

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