December 1, 2014

My Thanksgiving Weekend 2015 in Instagrams

1. Our lovely Thanksgiving table setting at my grandma's house in Bloomfield -- with a fresh bouquet sent in from my Mumsie.
2. The endless trees at the ranch up North
3. Petting mules, donkeys, alpaca, pigs, horses and other farm animals at the ranch
4. Horseback riding Western style in the frigid cold along the mud and snow
5. Blending in with the beige and pastels of Lake Michigan
6. Uncovering old photographs at my Grandma's while sorting through my Grandpa's belongings
7. Finding an engraved leather wallet and sweater among other treasures of my Grandpa's to remember him by
8. Decorating for Christmas with my aunt and cousin
9. Boots on the chilly beach
10. "A beautiful paradise for 5 minutes."
11. Waking up to a lady bug on my pillow in the morning before gathering our things to leave the log cabin
12. Dark chocolates topped with candied pansies placed at every dinner plate on the Thanksgiving table top
13. My cousin and I sorting through my Grandpa's endless collection of ties, hats, and belts
14. A full rainbow in the morning sky after a previous rainy night -- and perhaps the silver lining after a recent breakup :(
15. Turkey butter for a festive 'friendsgiving'

I'm missing every moment of a lovely weekend on this Monday evening. Though for a Monday especially, today wasn't bad at all...2014 has been a long and tenuous year...ready to snap in a moment, turbulent...but some of the more difficult changes may have been for the better and I'm ready to begin again this 2015. 

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