November 13, 2014

Illustrated Memoir for my Mumsie

The Yogurt Bandit
The Twin Premonition
The (Guinea) Pig Roast

Since my mom's been in and out of hospitals with late stage cancer I thought it'd be nice to take up a new project to fund some of her medical expenses. Adult coloring books are popular at the moment...some even saying they are 'therapeutic.' I don't dispute that -- I think that's totally valid. I think there is something inherently therapeutic about meeting pen with paper...whether to jot down words, color in the lines, or create lines of your own. 

That might be why I've been drawing and journaling almost all of my life. 

So lately, I've told my mother to retell her stories in writing. The ones she's been telling me since before I can remember and the ones maybe she's never mentioned before. I'm collecting all of her stories and am slowly (but as fast as I can...) illustrating them to create one illustrated piecemeal story...a collection of what she calls the 'slices of her life' that have been the most memorable, or perhaps meaningful...the experiences that have turned her into who she is...and the stories that in turn have maybe shaped me into who I am. 

It feels good having purpose behind a drawing. It's something a bit new to me -- there's a goal here...a goal beyond just 'I want to start drawing more often.' And so...I think I've found motivation in urgency...and it's been a fun experience turning visions and imagination into these line drawings for people to one day color in. A therapy that keeps cycling onwards...I think my mom finds happiness in sharing her stories. I find happiness in imagining and drawing them -- and am hoping, the people I share the 'coloring book' with will find happiness in coloring between the lines.

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