April 5, 2012

Hair Update: length check

(Looking like princess beauty after cram studying
for hours late at night with no make up on. NO SHAME.)
An Inch of New Growth! 

I was supposed to do this a few days ago, but I forgot! Which means I am less anxious and more patient about my hair growing. Limiting how many times you let yourself measure your hair (once every 2 months in my case) is actually turning out to be a good way to forget about growing and just enjoy having short hair. But even with that being said, it has grown and it's fun and encouraging to see the actual growth by measuring. Some parts of my hair seem to be growing quicker than other parts, which is weird I guess, but fine with me. Overall, it's gained about an inch, averaging to the normal half an inch a month, with some areas growing a little bit faster.

                        From this :
                                                 To this!

Some measurements: 
Crown: 6 inches (some slightly longer)
Sides: about 5 inches 
Back: about 5 and a half inches

If I keep it up, I'll be at 7" in a couple months as long as I watch out for breakage. So far, I've noticed a lot more shedding than breakage. I've been trying to avoid detangling in the shower which I also think helps prevent shedding. There's not much you can do to make your hair grow faster, but there's plenty you can do to prevent your length from breaking off -- which is my goal. My hair has never gained this much length so quickly in my life...so I must be doing something right!

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