May 4, 2014

The First Sessions digital album by Empty Mug Records

This is so delayed. I meant to post this about a couple of weeks ago...but all who are interested, I highly encourage you to go check out the University of Michigan's student run label Empty Mug Records! A couple weekends ago, they invited me to play live with a few other songwriters featured on their first compilation album, The First Sessions. Available for download here on bandcamp. 

The album released April 17, 2014 and features the following tracks:

1. River's End - Dora Sobze
2. Breathe - Dylan Sundberg 
3. Pastel Ink - Dan Rodak 
4. Paris - Kim Grambo 
5. Blackberry Patch - Jonathan Lucas 
6. Beautiful Dreamer - Chris Terrell

The show was held at the University of Michigan Museum of Art and was a small, cozy venue. I had fun seeing some of my fellow U of M classmates again -- and being active on campus again. It's always fun to walk through the hallway of African staffs on the first floor where we waited before the show...
At intermission, they played a couple of short films from already super talented film directors in training.

Thanks Ugly Mug Records for including my song on your album! And thanks The Rita Way + H3liotrop3 (who is a ridiculously talented guitarist...) + Liz + friends for coming out to support :)

When you get the chance, check out Ugly Mug Records on facebook for the latest news, events, and updates.

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