March 16, 2014

Au Revoir Mami et Salut Cameroon...

It's funny how you can know someone so little but love them big all the same. Because no stretch of land or sea can sever blood...

RIP my grande mere...I wish I could have visited sooner and more often so we could have taken more pictures smiling together. When I first met you, it might have been unclear to that 6 year old who you are and how special you are to me...but it was clear to me 7 years ago when I last saw you and it is even clearer to me now. 

I'm sad for all the years that I wasn't able to get to know you better...but happy for the times I was able to see you, and looking forward to le voyage...of visiting Cameroon again to celebrate your life.

RIP Josephine "Mami" Zombou

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