January 2, 2012

..:::A Few Resolutions for the New Year:::..

One: An artwork a Week

I've been getting super lazy when it comes to artwork, putting off the things I love for silly excuses like "there's no time." If there's time for everything else, there's time to dedicate a half hour a day or so towards pen, ink and paper, or any art form, really. I found my acrylics the other day, too, so maybe I will even push myself to start painting more. Blogging for Mark Tuck's Art in Public Spaces Class (check out the class blog here!) instilled an interest in painting again. Watching his students paint every Friday reminded me of the therapy and fun I've been neglecting. Whether it be a small ink drawing, pencil sketch, photograph, doodle or even something along more literary lines like poetry or an acoustic cover, I'm going to try to post an art work a week. This way, I'll keep my eyes open slightly wider for inspiration from the little things I may have missed out on otherwise. It'll also help me fill up my sketchbook and start building a possible portfolio for future art endeavors.

Two: Six inches of hair growth

I've been pretty lazy about tracking my hair growth so far. It seems like it's growing slow, mostly because of my impatience and current boredom with my hair, but it's actually been growing at a fairly average pace, (about half an inch a month). At this rate, I should be able to grow at least 6 inches by January 2013. I think I will measure every 2 months and I'll be sure to post pictures. This way, no matter how slow it seems my hair is growing, the photos will be proof to myself that my natural hair journey is coming along and that eventually, now that it's healthier, my hair will grow longer than it's ever been. As of today, my longest hairs are between 4.5 to 5 inches, which makes sense, considering I had only about one inch of hair 7 months ago. By tracking with measuring tape and photos, I'll be able to see my hair growing before my eyes.

Three: Keep up with my Blog

Photo credit: karismaheartsavannah.blogspot.com 
Sometimes school and life are time consuming and get a little bit in the way of the fun things, but I'll try to actually keep up with posting. Hair progress, hair styles, artworks, DIY's, recipes, possibly photo-shoots and lots to come!


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