May 1, 2014

Ciate Flower Manicure in Bada Boom

Tried this mani on (from my mini haul) and it's super cute!

It all comes in a very giftable set that includes:

- Mini Ciate Paint Pot in Bada Boom (a robin egg blue)
- Speed Coat Pro (regular size)
- 2 Small Pots of Red (mine look kind of pink), Blue, and Purple Flowers
- Tweezers 
- Nail file 

While I do love's kind of tricky to apply. The flowers don't stick super well...which is to be expected. They are flowers...

I've always been meaning to try Ciate polishes...I love all the textures they have. And this set definitely comes out very textured on your nails, which some may not like, but I do! 

I was a bit surprised though that the polish was so thin...I needed about 3 coats. Not sure if it's just this particular color or if that's how all Ciate polishes are...I'll have to try another :)

The kit also comes in Strike-a-Posy, a spring pink and is $25 (USD) at Sephora. 

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