May 17, 2014

In the Spotlight: The Rita Way's Senegalese Twists!

Beauty vlogger (and good friend!) The Rita Way recently put in these gorgeous Senegalese Twists! I think hers might have actually been thicker than , but she used far less hair. Her and her mom did it themselves -- I've never done Senegalese twists on my own, but she told me it's fairly easy. 

We both agree -- the twists are stunning and really cut back time in the morning from not having to style your hair. BUT they can be a bit annoying because it's harder to get to parts of your scalp. I found washing to be a challenge and they sometimes made my scalp itchy. But...accept the good with the bad, right?

Ok, maybe I'm biased because she's one of my college besties...but I love her, her hair, and her videos!

Check out The Rita Way's channel here for her latest online shopping haul video. If you're on the look out for new beauty + wardrobe items for the Summer, Rita's your go-to girl. 

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