May 12, 2014

The Little Things: My Weekend in Instagrams

Sometimes the subtle weekends are the best ones. The ones where you can snuggle up on the couch and stay in on a Saturday night to sit back, reflect and catch up on all areas where you feel behind. Even if it means holding off on an invitation to go out to a concert at a bar. The day where you can be alone but not lonely at one moment and moments before in pleasant company. Catching up with an old musical friend -- hearing new tunes at an intimate singer/songwriter show in downtown Ann Arbor and then hearing some of his own new tunes after listening about the latest research in psychology and about travels to Korea and India...that may have inspired me to start day dreaming up what my next song will be...and walking aimlessly in the sun. Ending up with a Ben and Jerry's cone in hand...
And finding pleasure in the tiny things--something as tiny as a cherry hanging from a newly bloomed cherry tree. A sign of spring. Discovered at a coffee stop during the short drive on the way to a quiet lake town with an old abandoned factory that spanned what seemed like half a mile. And couples walking their dogs. And boutiques and ice cream parlors. We ended the tiny day trip similarly to how it started -- sitting outdoors with a cherry beer. 
And just being silly with someone you love.
And finding words of inspiration hidden by a stranger in a nearby coffee shop -- reminding whoever may glance to relax.

And create another vivid day.

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