May 20, 2014

Taking the Color Plunge: Going Ciara Blonde!

I've been wanting to do this for over a year now. So I used my trip home to Jersey as an exuse and booked an appointment today! Eep...

I want to go a Beyonce/Ciara blonde. So not completely blonde, but a balayage/ombre kind of style. These are the pics I'll show my stylist for inspiration. I also want it to look ok both frizzy/curly, wavy and straight because I really do wear it pretty versatile. My hair is naturally very dark...basically black, so I want it to be styled around the look of natural roots so that when it grows out I don't have to get it touched up for a while.

I'm trusting my stylist here...who I've never been to before...but I do know that I am not Ciara. And I am not Beyonce. So I know I will not walk out of there looking like either of these women. But hopefully...I can at least pull this off at all!


 Will be updating on how this goes...

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