May 6, 2014

Trader Joe's Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for Natural Hair and Beyond

I've been on the coconut oil bandwagon for a while -- I use it on EVERYTHING. It's extremely multipurposeful, and not only is it good for a lot, it's also good at what it does do. Lately, I've been using it mostly topically on hair and skin and loving it. I especially love this particular jar from Trader Joe's -- the Organic Virgin Coconut Oil in a 16 oz jar. It costs only around $6 (slightly under). Because it's so unrefined + organic, it actually smells delicious, too. 

5 ways I've been using organic virgin coconut oil lately:

1. Hair restoration + length retention
It's been over a month (time goes by way too fast...) since I've been back from Cameroon -- but while I was over seas I noticed my hair took a serious beating. Not having the time to tend to my went uncombed way too long, moisturized and conditioned not often enough, and put into the care of some seriously abrasive hands! (As in dry brushing with a fine tooth comb...yikes). In an effort to restore my dry, brittle hair + retain length (some of which I most likely lost from breakage while there) I've been applying coconut oil diligently every time I wash and style. I have definitely noticed my hair revert back to normal. Even when my hair looks a straight up mess, it still feels soft and healthy which is most important :)

This was my hair after it's first wash, twist out, and coconut oil application after taking out the mound of extensions that were once my Senegalese twists. A bit messy, yeah, but shiny and soft!

2. Dry itchy skin + as an after shave
I have sensitive skin especially prone to razor bumps. I love (lightly) applying coconut oil to my legs and dry knees, elbows and feet. It super works. And lasts longer than would regular lotion. 

3. On my baby puppy's dry nose 
It's just now going away, but Bronn my puppy has been having issues with his nose getting super dry and cracked. It gets worse with severe cold weather. So during the ridiculously cold winter, I started rubbing a bit of coconut oil on his dry nose. We call it his "coconose" -- haha. Being a dog, of course he's going to lick his nose. And being coconut oil which is totally edible and natural, I don't have to worry about him eating it (as opposed to Vaseline).

4. Facial moisturizer + makeup remover 
Before washing my face, I rub this over my eye lids and face to remove makeup. After washing and drying my face, I apply a tiny bit more coconut oil, massage into face for a few seconds and then wipe off the oil with a cotton wipe spritzed with rose water. This removes excess oil avoiding breakouts and the rose water is also a natural toner. Love it for scars and dark spots. You do have to be careful mixing coconut oil and your face, because some people do break out. 

5. Lip + cuticle moisturizer 
If my lips or fingers/cuticles are noticeably dry, I rub a tiny bit of coconut oil on my lips and nails before bed. The next morning they aren't so dry. Good stuff!

If I'm missing a good way to use coconut oil topically here, let me know!

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