May 9, 2014

Five Things: Hair, Body, Skin Products I'm Dying to Try

I haven't gone on a search for new hair/body/skin products in a while...and I haven't tried anything new either. But lately, I've been hearing about a few products on twitter that sound interesting. All of these are relatively inexpensive too -- under $15 -- and have good reviews! I've been pretty negligent of my hair and dry skin...especially my hair that's been confined to messy fro or messy bun basically everyday for the past couple months...sad face. 

I bet these would also be good last minute mother's day gifts...

Dying to try:


This product soothes psoriasis and dry scalp, is made for natural, relaxed and weaved hair, and is meant to promote healthy hair growth with rosemary extract, tea tree oil, and shea butter. I'm growing my hair I welcome any hair growth help I can get. 


I broke my straightener...and am on a search for a new one...but when I do buy a new one, I'm curious to see how this product works at holding straight styles. Also, since it's meant for slicking hair straight, I'm wondering if it will be useful for stretching curls as well using the shingling method. I love Giovanni's direct leave in, shampoos, and chances are this will be a winner, too!


I've used salt, sugar, and microbead scrubs, but never coffee! I imagine this to smell delicious...with coffee, sweet almond, and orange extracts. Almond is my favorite smell. Ever. Better than coconut (which for some reason everyone assumes I love). So even if the inherent anti-aging and cellulite + stretch mark fighting properties of coffee don't win me over...I'm sure the smell will. 


I found this soap at the mall a couple weeks ago...and it actually smells like cedar. I probably should have just bought it then...silly me. Now my bathroom is one cedar wood soap bar short of what it should be! I love earthy smelling fragrances...they're a bit unusual, and I'm probably a bit unusual for liking the smell of trees/soil/clay/earth...but can't help how you feel. I also like that it can pass as unisex.


I've heard ridiculous amounts of hype over Ben Nye Banana Powder -- that I also want -- and noticed they have a newer Rose Petal Powder available now...I imagine it's super pretty and I like that it has a rosy tint as opposed to yellow. Would love to try this out!

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