May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day to My Mumsie

Happy Mother's Day to my little mumsie....

I love the first picture of her in a magenta cardigan and khakis with the African inspired prints on her bed and drapes...mostly because of the orangutan poster hanging on her dorm wall at Kalamazoo. She must have loved monkeys and apes as much as I did...She was an anthropology major which is something I considered going into in college before going the communications route. 

Almost every time I go to my grandparents, I love looking through the old photo albums. My grandpa has hundreds of pictures he keeps in hard covered albums from when my mom and her siblings were little through adulthood. Last I was there, we found the 60s, 70s, and 80s albums -- all full of the classic retro style of the times. 
Some of the albums
My grandma, mom, and uncles
My mom and my aunt
My mom and uncle--loving this hair do, lol
My mom and my uncle
My mom on a fishing trip
My mom and grandpa on a ski trip
Just like I did when I was younger, my mom loved horse back riding at the stables
Off to K college
My mom as a bridesmaid
My mom and three brothers
My mom doing what she used to always do -- painting
My mom and two of her brothers
My mom and her baby brother
Working at her dad's company -- Creative Industries, one of the leading auto manufacturers before the fall of the USA auto industry
Baby mommy.


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