December 11, 2011

The SHEI Launch

SHEI Magazine held it's launch party event yesterday to promote the latest magazine. I hadn't seen any of the shoots until then so it was a surprise to see what the photo and layout team put together. This year the theme was "The Art Issue." I'm on the literature team for SHEI, so I knew about the theme already, I just hadn't seen what the other teams did with it. My pink article was in it, called "The Girl Color" - yay.

I feel like the theme seemed a little more morbid than simply "art" though, when considering the photo shoots. Especially the plastic surgery photo shoot. Lots of masked faces and kind of bloody imagery. I think maybe each art movement could have been it's own photo shoot or maybe instead of art movements they could have done art mediums...I guess the point was not to have the whole magazine be obviously about art. But, fashion and writing and photo and layout/graphic design are all already forms of art so I feel like if you're going to have a compilation of art labelled as an art issue maybe it does have to be extra obvious. But, maybe not. Either way, art issue or not, it still turned out great and there was a huge turn out at the event.

It took place at the art gallery on State St. The setting was perfect because of the display set up at the time.  It was a ton of work from U of M art students. All really neat stuff, extra vibrant and colorful and concepts way left field.

Here's what one of the shoots looked like. I think it may have been my favorite shoot. It was called paper dolls:

It was hard to get good photos of a lot of the works because of the massive crowd of people but here are some display pieces I liked:

Fun times!


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