December 28, 2011

iSpy Magazine: Street Fashion

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Before the start of winter break when I was back in Ann Arbor, I ran into my cousin and a couple of her friends in Espresso Royal (one of many life sustaining sources on campus). I guess a writer/photographer was walking by and saw us through the window. She came inside to ask if she could take our pictures for iSpy Magazine. They're doing a series of street fashion blurbs I guess, and our hair pieces caught her eye. I was being experimental that day and was trying out my silky head scarf I found at Salvation Army. My cousin had been wearing a floral head band she made herself with fabric and hot glue. The photographer caught us off guard because we were in the middle of a study cram session pretty much and looking presentable was the last thing on our minds, but we agreed to be photographed...because we figured why not. Above is the image that iSpy featured on their site. This particular blurb was admiring the color mustard yellow during the Winter season. I agree -- it's a nice color to spruce up any look on any day, really. Mustard yellow can brighten up the icey days and can add sunshine to already sunny days as well. 


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