April 24, 2014

DIY: Quick Simple Spring Flower Arrangement with Mason Jars

Sometimes when I stop by Trader Joe's I like to pick up a couple bouquets of whatever their cheapest flowers are that day. This time when I went, they had $4 sunflowers that were actually lovely and huge--as well as perky purple wax flowers that were somewhere around $2 or $3. I'm no flower arranging expert, but I thought the purple and yellow paired well for spring.
When I got home, I realized I don't actually own a vase big enough to fit all of the sunflowers--so I improvised and divided them up into mason jars instead. Actually, I think only one is an actual mason jar, the others are left over pesto or salsa or jam or something. We always save our jars. I used one bundle of sunflowers, one bundle of wax flowers and 3 jars -- just trim the stems as needed. These would look nice along a window sill or shelf, too. 
Sam the cat enjoyed the arrangement as well :)

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