April 23, 2014

Senegalese Twist: The Take Down, (a.k.a. Take Over)

If you look carefully, you'll see that what appears to be a small bundle of hair is actually filling up and spilling out of a standard full sized bathroom sink. 

THAT is what I was carrying on my head for over a week straight. I loved how it looked. But it sure took a huge weight off, literally, when I took the twists out.

Total take down time was about 2 hours I think. Could have been closer to an hour and a half. I wasn't paying too much attention. Next time I do this, it will be accompanied by popcorn and a movie for sure. In addition to a comfy chair. 

My hair was SUPER dry when all the excess came out. I think the extensions ate up all of the natural oils or any little drops of moisture my hair might have had. Though, when I washed it and moisturized it directly afterward, my hair went back to normal pretty fast.

I would do it again, I think, just with less hair!

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