October 28, 2013

Lazy Day + Second Day Twisted Crown Natural Hair Style

This is my go-to lazy day style for when I want to "do" my hair...but don't have the time...Or for when my hair is too messy to wear out but it's not wash time yet.

You know your hair is looking crazy when you're about to go out on a Friday night and your friend who is going out with you asks you (in the politest way possible...) what you're going to do with that hair. 

Which is what happened to me on Friday. Lol. So...to save the mess of hair that was the result of going nearly an entire week wearing my hair in a bun--without touching it or doing it once...except to occasionally add more bobby pins to flyways...I spritzed it and put in curl formers. (You can see my curl formers on dry hair results that I posted a while back here). 

And that night it looked cute after taking out the curlformers--except the next day...after sleeping on it without wrapping it or twisting it...it looked crazy again. Like this:

Second Day Hair I Started With:

So to salvage the look so I wouldn't have to wash it...I did my go-to lazy hair day style. I'm not sure what to call it...but it's basically purposefully messy french braids + a braided bang. Except instead of braids, I did two strand flat twists. I am not good at braiding at all, but this style is meant to look kind of messy-cute and effortless which is why it works for people like me who can not braid for their life. 

First, loosely side part your hair and continue the part all the way down into two halves (it's ok if they're uneven). You don't need a perfect part, just part your hair loosely with your fingers. Then, start with a small strand of hair on the lesser side of the side-part and flat twist all the way down to the back of your neck picking up strands of hair as you go. Secure the twist with a clip. 
Then, you'll want to pull all of your bangs forward. Start with a small strand of hair and twist loosely while pulling the hair down your forehead a bit to create a bang. If you don't want bangs, you can twist closer to your scalp. 
Keep twisting and picking up strands all the way around until you reach the back of your neck and meet the end of the first twist. Then take out the clip and twist the two ends together. Roll the twisted ends up and tuck the hair into itself. Pin the ends in place with a few bobby pins. 
To give the style a more messy carefree look, pull out a few small curls around your ears and neck. To make the bangs fuller, I pull apart some of the twists along my forehead and bobby pin them down as needed. If some of the hairs on the crown of your head didn't make the twists, you can also tuck in loose strands into the twists and pin them in place. 

The Result: 
(Front and back)
I like this style because it's a good solution for crazy second or third (or fourth...) day hair when you don't just want to put it in a bun. It takes 5-10 minutes to do and it's totally ok if it's messy (or if you can't braid).

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